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Boris Acket (1988)

Give audiovisual explorer Boris Acket a room, terrain, or space to play in and he’ll envelop it into something otherworldly. Acket translates conceptual notions into immersive, multi-sensory experiences: technology, space, light, and sound all form a prism in which specific themes or subjects are explored and rematerialized. 

Instead of relying on just a single discipline to satiate his own curiosity, he acts as a conductor for multiple forms: installation art, technology, live performance, music production, film and installations all of them working together to reveal a bigger picture: An endless research project into the experience of time, space, natural elements, human emotion and social boundaries. 

His works have been presented at Amsterdam Dance Event, De School, Down The Rabbit Hole, Wildeburg, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Volkshotel, Van Gogh Museum, Frame Lab & DGTL Festival and featured on Resident Advisor, NRC, Parool, Subbacultcha and 3voor12. Acket is one half of Working Titles, whose 2019 LP De Tuin is composed of improvisations that are carefully cut and reconfigured into a tapestry of meditative sonic vignettes. He is also part of Dutch artist collective De Lichting.

We smile, we cry, but we never surrender.